Toe tapper

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In my early 20s, I was very partial to a song by C+C Music Factory.

It was called Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).

And whenever this song played, I usually did both.

This remains the only tune to which I’ve lost a shoe.

It was Friday.

I’d just come from my automotive industry job, so the shoe was a heavy, bulky, steel-capped affair.

At the zenith of one my jubilant high kicks, it flew quite a distance – narrowly missing a barman at Bobby McGee’s.

After apologising, I removed the other shoe so I could dance in socks.

A bouncer quickly advised me this was forbidden on safety grounds (e.g. I could step on broken glass).

After apologising, I asked the disc jockey for some gaffer tape.

Being a casual DJ myself at the time, I was sure he’d have a roll behind his console.

He did, but it wasn’t the hue I’d hoped for.

Instead of the customary black, it was bright orange.

The 12-inch ‘mega-mix’ song was still playing.

I was eager to dance before it ended, so I quickly wound the gaffer tape round both my shoes, binding them firmly to my feet.

While this rendered them safe from further discharge, my girlfriend was unimpressed by the aesthetic.

But, as I’d been so uncool for so long, her concern didn’t dissuade me from my intended task.

I like to think that somewhere in the world there’s a barman, a bouncer and a DJ who remember me fondly each time they hear that song.

Though I concede it’s a

long shot.

Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.


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  1. Ha ha – a cute story. A man in his twenties is on the road to seldom, with a lot of missteps and fsift show shuffle along the way.

    Keep dancing Paul 👣

    • “Soft shoe shuffle” (I shouldn’t post comments from my phone)

      • Dear Catherine, you can post comments from a tin can and a piece of string if you so care! You never fail to augment these pieces. Kind regards and thank you. Again. P.

  2. Orange gaffer tape? LOVE IT! Dance with me Feisty! 😀

    • Come back to Melbourne soon, Arja – and we shall make it so! 🙂

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