My day at the Royal Commission – Part 2

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Into the light.

Into the light.

Read Part 1.

A female usher, as immaculately groomed as the young man with whom I’d been laboriously chatting, politely asked if I was ready.

I felt pretty jolly far from ready, but it seemed a waste of a trip not to go ahead.

She guided me down a corridor and I got the sense that the whole hotel floor had been booked out for this exercise.

I saw no guests, but imagined tense victims and grim revelations behind the various doors.

We at last came to ‘my’ door.

The usher bade me to enter, which I nervously did.

The entrance opened into a room dominated by a round table.

Rising from this table was one of the commissioners.

I was very surprised by this, as there are only five commissioners (plus the Chair).

I had expected my evidence to be taken by some underling – not one of the ‘head honchos’.

My Commissioner stood and offered her hand in welcome. As she did, her silhouette was perfectly framed by the morning sun streaming through the window.

It looked like a remastered version of Patrick Swayze heading to heaven at the end of the movie Ghost.

If felt like I was meeting a broker of power, a shepherd of truth and a wielder of the sword of justice.

I said as much, and the Commissioner seemed to find it amusing.

I said I figured she’d be glad of a giggle, given the hundreds of hideous stories she must have already heard.

She confirmed that the road had indeed been long, but that every person who came forward had a right to be heard.

I asked if the Commission’s funding would permit it to run for as long as it took. As this was up to the government, however, she wasn’t sure.

Next to the Commissioner was a young man with an array of small yet expensive-looking audio equipment.

When asked if I’d be prepared to have my testimony recorded, I readily agreed.

To be continued.

Pic by the Commission.

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