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It was with a small measure of rare pride that I entered the psychiatrist’s room.

Not nearly enough to brim over, but sufficient to coat the floor of a 250 ml lab flask if you swirled it.

It felt so different to have something positive to report.

For once.

Two things, in fact.

The first was that my wife and I had downsized to one car.

Apart from cutting costs, I felt this was better for the environment.

I also felt that with my wife needing the car to commute, I’d be forced to walk and cycle much more often.

My old bike had been chained to the house for years – gathering dust, rust and spiders.

I was going to get it fixed, then decided to do something unprecedented.

I bought a new bike, with a rechargeable battery, to help me over the hills that dotted my usual journeys.

The purchase was a success.

I began riding around town at an average speed of 24.1 km/h, with a record downhill sprint of 52.8 km/h.

The website had promised this bike would make me smile.

And you know what? It actually did.

So I considered this sequence of events my second ‘good thing’.

I proudly told the psychiatrist that I’d overcome decades of self-hate to buy myself a gift.

In so doing, I’d also trounced 4000 tonnes of inertia to get my fat, sclerotic body outside and moving again.

The psychiatrist quizzed me about the bike’s battery assistance (which is modest, optional and variable).

I happily filled him in.

Then he said:

‘Why didn’t you get fit and buy a real bike?’

I found this


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  1. Just my opinion but I reckon it’s a cracking bike and good on you for doing it. Your in the wind man, embrace the moment and not the commentary from Captain Musty!

    • Thank you, Basil. You know how much your opinion means to me. Kind regards, P.

  2. Congratulations Paul and excellent news on both fronts. I’m not sure that we could get rid of our second car yet as my wife seems to have as many appointments scheduled as I do.

    The bike is a wonderful decision and having a motor means you get some great assistance up hills. I’d make 2 recommendations, the first being to join The Bicycle Network Victoria for the insurance cover and other benefits and the second to extend your RACV roadside membership to include your bike so that you get help with punctures and things when you’re way out of town.

    I look forward to you joining us on our Tuesday morning bike ride when the best part is having coffee, telling lies and talking b*******.

    Have a fantastic day Winston

    • What wonderful advice, Winno. I recalled after writing this that you had significant knowledge of bikes. Thank you kindly for passing it on. Best regards to you too, P.

  3. Nice one, bruvva. Your shrink’s manner de bedside leaves something to be desired. Pedal thee well in spite of it!

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