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My counsellor wants to demonstrate what we’re doing.

She fetches a cup, a plate, and a jar of coffee beans.

‘Smell these! Wonderful, isn’t it?’

It is.

She puts the plate on a low table.

And the cup on the plate.

‘This is the child’s mind.’

She pours beans into the cup.

‘When trauma occurs, the young mind can’t take it all in.’

Beans spill onto the plate.

‘When the brain is full, additional information is forced to go elsewhere.’

Beans skitter across the table.

Bounce onto the floor.

‘Each of these beans is a part of the child’s mind. Split off, but containing valuable information. Our task is to bring these back to the main brain.’

I get it.

I go home.

My wife asks how I went.

I want to show her.

We have no coffee beans, so I cast around for a substitute.


I need a bigger cup and a bigger plate.

I’m faintly surprised I have more than enough corks with which to demonstrate.

I pour them and tell the tale.

They’re a lot bouncier than beans.

One launches off the kitchen bench.

It’s immediately snatched by our Jack Russell terrier, who capers off with it down the hall.

My wife gets the idea.

Next time, I tell the counsellor what happened.

She tries to stifle her laughter.

I assure her it’s OK.

All my medicos laugh.

When she regains her composure, she says that a dog running off with a cork is actually an excellent metaphor for a dissociated part.

I say I’m glad,

and that I greatly look forward to getting all my bits back.

We return to our work.


Pic by Roger Karlsson.

To keep me in coffee, you may wish to

Whatever the sum, I’ll toast your health.



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  1. Tremendous! And here I was, going to tell you to stuff a cork in it. I’m so glad you’re getting your bits back, or your bats bit, or whatever. Keep them coming!

    • Good show, Ad! I think I went thataways. You can call me Pop. Kind regards, Bubby.

  2. You have a gift for a story as a metaphor on a story as a metaphor! Have I got that right Paul?

    • Hi, Winno! I always come unstuck with metaphors and similies. I think I missed that class at a critical point in my development. Given your sterling writing record, however, I’d say there’s a great chance you’re spot on. Either way, I feel a winner for your generous feeback. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Jack Russells seem very canny. They bring out the humour in a situation no matter how dire it might be. You do have a gift with the metaphor, Paul.

    • I think you’re right about the Jacks. They know how to live life, and I consider them fine mentors. It’s always a treat to see you here, Michelle. Thank you kindly for dropping in. Best regards, P.

  4. I love this.
    Immediate connection, as I am working on EMDR and ‘Parts’ therapy. Not Dissociative disorder, no one has ran off with my parts.
    They are still on the floor. 🙂
    This was a great analogy.

    • Hi, Sarah. How cool to have perspective from someone ‘in the field’! I’m delighted you’ve joined us and grateful for your contribution. Kind regards, P.

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