Pool of Thought Med

Take the plunge!

Welcome to my life, presented in pieces.

Big, small, out of order.

Each self contained,

yet part of a whole.

Read one, some, many, all.

Dig ’em any way you can.

For in the end, they may make sense.




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Even a buck or three will keep me in the hunt. With many thanks, Paul.




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  1. G’day Paul, Back when I was a full time writer, journo and broadcaster I was flat out with multiple projects. Looking back now I can’t fathom how I had the energy or the time in any single day. I was also dabbling at an autobiog. I took the first several chapters to my publisher who, oddly, had published my first book. He looked over my MS and, chuckling, said, “Bill, you haven’t lived long enough; get back to me in 30 years.” Well, that didn’t work. He’s dead.
    I’ve added to it over the years and every once in a while I dig it out. It’s scary. It’s like reading the work of another person. (Must talk to my shrink about that…). Keep at it but don’t give it all away on the internet. Keep the good bits to yourself or you’ll have nothing to flog to a publisher.
    As Winston used to say: “KBO”
    Cheers, Bill

    • Hi, Bill. Thanks very much for your generous comment. If your bio is half as interesting as your Blamey project, you can put me down for one. I’ll follow your advice but try to keep this blog interesting enough to encourage your return. I looked up KBO. Fan. Bloody. Tastic! Kind regards and thanks again, P. 🙂

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