How to snap without snapping

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You have successfully lodged a complaint with the Telecommunications
Industry Ombudsman (TIO).

Service provider iPrimus
Service type Internet
Amount in dispute $7.22
Complaint date January  2017
Last contacted provider Less than three weeks ago
Complaint description My total bill for January is $79.17. This includes three fees totalling $7.22, which represents 9.1% of the bill. The fees are: BPay Processing Fee, Non Direct Debit Fee and Statement Fee. I feel these fees are unwarranted and unethical and that iPrimus are trying to charge me more money simply for paying them money.
Your service provider’s response The first person said these fees were reasonable and part of the terms and conditions and that she could not help me. She later called back, saying she would put me through to a manager. The manager said I could avoid fees by setting up direct debit and email bills and would I like to do so? I said no. The manager then offered me a $32 credit on my next bill, but stated that the fees would remain. I accepted her offer as recompense for the time I’d invested, but I remain unhappy with the whole concept of these spurious fees.
Your preferred outcome I’d like all three fees to be removed from all future bills. If this isn’t possible, I’d still like to know what the Ombudsman thinks of these fees. In short: 1. Is this the way of the world today? 2. Am I flogging a dead horse? 3. Should I put a sock in it? Whatever happens, I don’t want to lose that $32 credit. It may be the only good thing I ever get out of iPrimus. With kind regards and many thanks for your time, Paul.

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